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'' I started Soul Tree Yoga when Sarah first set up her class. I’d been suffering with a back injury for quite some time and was advised to take up yoga to aid my recovery. 
From the first class I was made to feel welcome which put me at ease after feeling quite apprehensive.
Sarah is an amazing teacher and so understanding to individual needs, so much so that she has been doing private classes with me as well focusing on exactly what I needed. I have now returned to the main class because of her teachings and I absolutely love it.
Not only has my recovery been aided by her classes but my mind set is in a completely new space. I have found a new love in Yoga and I can not thank Sarah enough for this. She knows exactly what she is doing and how to get the best out of people. 
If your looking for a new venture in Yoga, this is definitely the place to find it. 
Namaste ''

'' I love Sarah’s yoga classes - I feel so relaxed when I leave and I really as though it’s done some good to my body. It’s the first yoga class I’ve been to where I can see progress from week to week and can see my strength improving. The best bit though is Sarah’s attentiveness to each and every member - you don’t just feel like another person in a room full of strangers - she makes everyone feel welcome and well looked after. ''

'' One to Ones 

After having a C Section, I lost all the strength in my stomach and my confidence in doing any exercise. Sarah offered me one to one classes, which i'd never thought of before, and my god its been brilliant, taking yoga right back to the start, the breath, strengthening my core at the right pace for my body. She's taught me to be patient and kind to myself. The calm, kind way guides you through each position, ensuring you are holding yourself correctly. Not only has Sarah helped me start my journey to recovery, she's made me feel pretty special too.


After feeling excited but a little unsure of what to expect from my first session of each Reiki with Sarah, but Sarah quickly settled those feelings, keeping the space relaxed and her thoughtful explanation just re assured me this was right thing to do. I felt so comfortable throughout the session, and after a stressful, and painful few days, I felt a sense of this being lifted, and a sense of peace around me. The feedback after the session on my chakras and my energy was a lovely surprise and left me feeling so warm, like i'd been given the warmest kindest hug. Sarah has been given a truly beautiful gift.''



'' I really didn't know what to expect when I went to see Sarah for Reiki. I already attend Sarah's Yoga class and she is such an amazing teacher. I've been doing Yoga for years and been to so many classes, but never have I acheived so much in so little time. You progress every week. It's amazing!  So i thought her Reiki must be amazing too right? Boy i was I right! I don't even know how to put into words what it was like...I've never experienced anything like it. All I will say she is an unbelievable soul and I am very lucky to have you in my life.

Thank you Sarah ''


'' Sarah is a natural and truly gifted teacher and therapist. I had my first session of Reiki with her yesterday and was totally amazed by the results and what she picked up on. 

I didn’t know what to expect, being new to it but I'm so pleased I went and will be having weekly sessions from now.

She is a brilliant yoga teacher also. The classes are so relaxing and was impressed with the noticeable results in only a few weeks of attending.


Highly recommend ''

'' I joined Sarah’s yoga class as a total beginner and absolutely love it! Sarah’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate, this coupled with her down to earth approach means I feel totally comfortable in class and get so much out of it. She has helped me to become more aware of my body and mind by focusing on core strength alongside the importance of breath. I always leave the class having learnt something new. Thanks to Sarah, I have also introduced meditation into my daily routine to help my mind to rest in the busyness of today’s world. ''

'' I have done yoga on and off over the years but Sarah’s class and her wonderful energy  has truly made me fall in love with my practice.  Her teaching style is warm and friendly but you also feel like you are progressing as she eases you into personal challenges so subtly you can’t believe what you’re capable of.  Thank you for holding a much needed space for me Sar '' x 


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