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A Seeker, mystic and conduit of love, here to be of service to humanity and Earth. I am committed to helping others to remember all parts of themselves, by empowering those who feel called to embark on a journey of self-discovery and remembering, to take responsibility for their own healing both the light and the dark and to be committed to their own growth, in honour of creating a new earth for our generation and the ones that follow.  



My vision is for you to remember, to reclaim all parts of yourself, to live in truth, to remember your purpose, your connection to the stars and soul gifts. To live from a place of creativity and expansion. 




I'm a seeker of knowledge and wisdom, and have always been a curious soul, different to others, misunderstood and often confusing to those around me. For many years, I didn’t really understand my gift as an intuitive and suppressed the more sensitive parts of myself. I knew I could pick up on the energy in a room or those around me and would often predict things before they were about to happen, but I learned fairly quickly as a child to push these experiences to one side, to fit in, to do the same as everyone else.  However following recurring bouts of anxiety, and a general feeling of “is this really it” I embarked on my own journey of healing and remembering.
What then followed was a turning point that changed my whole perspective on life and allowed me to appreciate and honour my loving and compassionate nature as a gift. Once I began to look at my own personal history and experiences, I was able to see how the challenging times in our lives often mould who we are. From that moment I ignited an eternal flame through curiosity and personal growth and remembered what had always been there, deep within my soul all along – that I was meant to help others. To be a channel of light and to help others remember who they are and where they came from and the beauty and light they hold within themselves to heal and love. 


I have always been naturally mystical and philosophical and appreciate the teachings of many backgrounds and cultures. Curiosity and my desire to bring back all that is magical have led to my work of reconnecting to the self through various ancient techniques. Helping others to remember and reclaim the wisdom within them and truth that has always been present, but may have been forgotten over time. 


My passionate approach to learning and self-development has brought me to understand and learn a number of different healing modalities and traditions. I am in deep reverence to healing the feminine energies within us and to bringing back the teachings of our ancient civilisations through the mystery schools. I use goddess archetypes, astrology, galactic history, the akashic records and shamanic teachings as an anchor for my work. By helping others to reconnect to who they are at soul level and to uncover their own divine blueprint and gifts.  Re-connecting us to the natural rhythms of the stars, nature and our multidimensionality and remembering the alchemical process of balancing our inner masculine and feminine energies. I love to express through storytelling and embodiment and am fully committed to being in service to Earth at this time. 


Galactic Astrology & Soul alignment Practionar 

Akashic Records Level 1 & 2

Shamanic Practionar 

Shamanic Medicine Wheel 

Reiki Master & Teacher 1, 2, 3 & Teacher training

Divine Feminine Archetypes 

Divine Feminine Lunar Cycles 

Goddess Diploma 

Professional Coaching & Mentoring 

300hr yoga teaching training 

Yoga Nidra 

Yoga for Auto immune diseases, stress & burnout 

Yoga Therapy 




My work is very much about rituals to ignite a deep remembering of who we are on a quantum level.  To bring back the ways of our ancestors and ancient civilisations and to reignite the galactic wisdom that has been forgotten.  To reconnect with the many archetypal energies that reside within us. And to gain a deeper perspective into the challenges that have caused us to become stuck and out of balance. Working with different parts of the psyche and trauma, enables us to uncover what's negatively affecting us and allows us to integrate lost parts of ourselves such as the inner child and parts of the soul that may have been fragmented in past lives.

I am here to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, the seen and the unseen realms, Earth an the stars. To challenge the status quo and to break down old ways of thinking, inviting more love, expansion and freedom. 

By deeply connecting to ourselves, we allow positive transformation to unfold, within the way we relate to ourselves, our bodies, our relationships and our environment. Bringing peace, understanding, and unity to every part of the body, mind, and spirit.


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The Akashic records confirmed my higher purpose and helped me to remove any emotional blocks and karmic wounds that have been preventing me from becoming the best version of myself, both on a personal and professional level. Sarah holds space with such tenderness, insight and connection.

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If you are on a healing journey, I would recommend you are guided to your Akashic records with Sarah’s assistance. She is an excellent and intuitive healer with true wisdom and compassion and the human condition is at the heart of everything she does. I felt safe throughout the entire process.

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Going to Sarah for reiki therapy has been nothing short of life changing for me. I have had many therapies including reiki, CBT, counselling sessions in the past by the way in which Sarah approached me was with pure unconditional love and these sessions made me feel safe and fully understood. 

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