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Our ancient history, and ascended masters held the keys to mastery, they understood how to live in harmony with the cosmos, earth and the divine. They held deep codes of wisdom that allowed and supported higher levels of consciousness.

The ancient Egyptian temples was home to a long and expansive history of mystery school teachings. It's time for those teachings to be remembered! For us to reignite the inner Priestess and to live in harmony with all that is.

The online Mystery School provides the opportunity for you to access and learn at your own disposal. And once a month we will gather to journey through a specific topic together. These teachings are steeped in ancient history and incorporate a wide range of spiritual practices and tools to support you on your own journey of self discovery and remembrance.

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In service to Mother Earth and the great awakening, It's time to remember the Mysteries from the stars, our ancestors and ancient civilisations. Bringing us back into Divine Union individually and collectively



These online temple spaces are for those wanting to explore the teachings of the mystery schools. From ancient Egypt to the temples in Greece, France, even going back to our distant star nations. We understood the journey to enlightenment was through seeking the truth. Working with ceremony, ritual and intention, helping to heal others.  Each month we will work with a different topic allowing a space for deep exploration, disvovery and rememberance.



This 4 week online course takes you through the stages of the moon, your menstrual cycle and the archetypes we embody each month. A journey of self discovery and self love. Learning to work with and embody the natural rhythms and cycles of yourself in alignment with the earth.



Are you one of the brave souls that's been called to clear the womb ancestry in your bloodline?!. Working with the Paternal line of a feminine lineage is a necessary part of any feminine healing journey. Our wombs hold the energy of up to 12 generations back! To live in alignment with our own heart and womb we must clear any distortions or shadows passed down to us from our ancestors.

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