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School of Forgotten Wisdom offers a range of ways for you to increase your knowledge and tap into your wisdom through various training courses and workshops.


We also have a beautiful home community where a range of offerings can be accessed. Any workshops that are listed as F2F will be held at The Spiral at St Pauls Church.



A series of in-person workshops - in partnership with The Mindful Being - that allow us to work through and understand each of the feminine archetypes. In doing this, we uncover how each of them is present within our own lives and allow ourselves to see how they show up both positively and negatively, bringing conscious awareness to our actions. As we do this we reframe our understanding, re-define our truth and reclaim back all parts of ourselves.



You too can teach others to work with and channel universal energy whilst deepening the effects of the abundant gift that the depth of Reiki can bring to your own life. 

Whether you choose to use this for yourself and your family or become a practitioner to share with others, the benefits are endless. 


Our lives consist of changes and transitions - as the seasons change so does the landscape of our being. We all go though portals of transformation and change, from life passages, birth and death, marriage, times of healing and shedding.


Creating sacred space allows us to work through these changes by way of celebration. We honour the places of transition, and we share our experience and wisdom with others, creating a collective web of wisdom and understanding.

We weave in and out of ceremony our whole lives. No matter what type of ceremony we find ourselves in, once we are there, we sense were in the midst of tangible meaningfulness. And at the foot of mysterious invitation, our senses heighten and our hearts begin to open as we begin to see our role in the creation of our own lives. 

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