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Meeting the Shadow - How to let the light in

In Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality, the unconscious mind is defined

as a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges and memories outside of the conscious awareness - and therefore the shadow of the conscious mind.

The unconscious mind can be seen as part of the mind that often runs on autopilot. The

processes occur automatically and without opportunity for introspection.

It’s estimated that 95% of the brain’s processes take place unconsciously. This includes habits, patterns, automatic body functions, creativity, emotions, personality, beliefs, values and long term memory.

An epiphany

Wow! So for 95% of our lives, we respond unconsciously. I remember realising this fact and having an epiphany – no wonder we act in certain ways and then reflect on what possessed us to react like that.

This was the point on my journey when I realised there was a shadow side of my personality playing out in certain situations. That I often acted unconsciously and was playing out old

patterns and behaviours – patterns that I knew didn’t serve me anymore and that weren’t

aligned to the more conscious version of me.

And so I began to befriend the shadow parts of me, going deeper and deeper into the unconscious parts of my mind, questioning old patterns, beliefs and paradigms. So much of what we believe, or have built up as a value system, has been impressed on us by family, society or others.

The uncertainty of this year has led to many of us questioning our values, beliefs and morals.

Where it was once easy to follow the masses and not share an opinion or view on things, we now start to see the impact on our own families and lives and are forced to find our sovereignty and truth. In some ways, I believe this is a lesson humanity has needed to go through for some time.

What do I believe?

We’re entitled to have our own views and perceptions. That’s not to say that one is wrong or right, but it’s our birth rite. So, what do you actually believe?

Ask yourself:

  • How do I feel about certain situations?

  • Does this reaction I tend to play out belong to me? Or have I learnt it from someone else?

  • Does this feel good in my body, in my heart? Or am I doing this because others have told me this is the right thing to do?

  • What is my truth?

  • Do I hold the same views as I did 12 months ago? Or have my views changed?

A constant in a flux of change

Nothing stays the same, and the moment we realise this the easier life becomes.

I started to question everything in my life, the old and the new to re-evaluate how I felt about those things, bringing conscious thought to scenarios rather than being enslaved to old patterns and behaviours.

There are times in our lives where we act with a lack of compassion, empathy or

understanding. We may over criticise ourselves and others and throw judgement at others for not doing things the way “we” believe they should be done.

Who are we to judge what’s right and wrong?

These lower states of frequency create division, segregation and hierarchy. When we’re in these states, we block the very essence of life itself: creation and abundance.

We live in a state of control and fear, stopping the essence of who we are. But we’re supposed to live in a state of flow and trust. To have faith that there’s always something larger at play in our lives and whatever that is, it’s always for our highest good.

To live in a state of flow is to be present in the here and now, to not focus on the past and not

predict too far into the future. To be at peace with what’s occurring in our lives right now and

holding faith that whatever comes next is part of a much larger plan.

To allow the synchronicities and mysteries of our path to unfold without trying to control the outcome is pure magic. Why would we not want to experience this as part of our human existence?

Working with our shadow selves

Many of us find it easier to go about our daily lives unconsciously, not realising the impact our

actions and behaviours have on all of humanity.

Working with the shadow parts of ourselves can feel uncomfortable. We have to look at our triggers and take responsibility for our actions and the impact we have on others. But the work is necessary for us to heal not only ourselves and the collective, but the generations that follow in our footsteps.

I’ve realised, and continue to realise, on my own journey that the more of the shadow we can hold within ourselves, the more light we allow in. To ascend into higher states of consciousness we must first descend into the darkness, to take back and own all parts of ourselves, and allow the light to emerge.

By working with our shadows we replace them with light, bringing more light into our own

lives and those around us.

A closing thought

In a world where we can have anything, why wouldn’t we welcome more love, more peace, more understanding and compassion? May you welcome and befriend the shadow part of your own life, to integrate them and transform them into light.

With love and blessings

Sarah x


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