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Are you ready to be introduced to your divine feminine Soul codes and blueprint


Your Divine Feminine Soul Essence & Blueprint


At a time in history when the energies of the divine feminine are on the rise, many women desire to truly step into their gifts and be in service to humanity. 

Our unique birth chart, akashic records and galactic astrology provide great insight into what feminine gifts and qualities we bring into this life and where we are called to be in service. We all hold both feminine and masculine codes and qualities which are shown in our astrology.


Being aware of how these qualities show up in our own chart provides deep insight into our own unique flavour and characteristics as a woman. 

Your souls blueprint is a map of everything needed for this life, it shows where your lessons are, areas of growth, where you shine, where your gifts are, where you have negative karma or healing to do. The list is endless. Working with your blueprint is a declaration of love to yourself, as you enter a relationship that is deeply rooted in trust, love and understanding. You begin to see how everything that's happening in your life is a teacher, a way for you to evolve and grow. You move away from being the victim of your life and into the co-creator, able to make your dreams come true.


Our Previous lives serving the Sacred Feminine  

We've all had lives within the temples as the Priestess, Medicine woman, Seer, the healer and Oracle. Our gifts beyond this life are infinite, powerful and unique to us. When we begin to take a journey through our past lives we begin to understand how the tapestry of our existence is so perfect and how every experience we have ever lived has led us to this point. 

Persecution Wounds and Fear of our Gifts  

As we begin to remember our gifts and how we have helped to serve the sacred feminine energies in the past, we re-activate those dormant gifts and DNA and bring them back into our light body. As part of this re-integration there may be wounds that need to be addressed and worked through such as the persecution wound or fear of expression. The traumas of past persecution is held deep within the tissues of the body, it can leave us feeling helpless and disempowered. We know we are here to do something, but we can't quite get over the fear of something happening to us if we speak our truth. These wounds are from deep patriarchal conditioning and although times have significantly changed there is still huge suppression of the feminine in certain areas of the world. The more we step into our truth, the more we clear the collective wounds of the supressed feminine.  

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What to Expect

When working with you I use a variety of tools, that I have used on my own journey as well as what I know has worked well for the other clients I’ve worked with.


Some of what could be covered in your reading:

  • Your birth chart, galactic chart, Life path number, soul purpose and lessons

  • Healing/seeking guidance in your Akashic Records on specific areas of your life e.g. karma, relationships, gifts, purpose, life lessons, blocks, negative programmes and attachments, trauma, past lives and chakra’s

  • Feminine wounds, where you are scared to step into your truth and how you can work with those blocks to transmute them

  • Looking at your galactic history, star connections and astrology through your natal chart

  • Identifying the parts of your birth chart that represent your feminine attributes and codes 

  • Looking at past lives where you have been in service to the feminine  and what your role and purpose was in those lives and how you can re-integrate those gifts 

Readings are 75 minutes long, during which time we will connect with your galactic birth chart and soul records.  This provides a deep insight into the individual at a soul level and provides a starting point for that individual's journey to remembering. 

Some of the ways in which you can heal and remember through this work

  • Create a map of ways you can work with your souls blueprint and towards your dharma

  • Uncover your gifts and where you are meant to shine in this life 

  • Find out your soul's history, where you initially incarnated, your purpose in this life, the lessons you are here to learn and what you are here to offer

  • Understand your galactic heritage and star family connections through many lifetimes 

  • Remember hidden gifts, missions and purpose through connecting with your cosmic family

  • Learn to work with your own natal chart and astrology to support your ongoing journey in this life

  • Heal physical, emotional and mental trauma from this lifetime and past lifetimes

  • Seek guidance on karmic patterns, blocks and cycles of behaviour that could be holding you back from what you desire in your life

  • Gain the clarity, wisdom and strength you need to move forward with making life decisions

  • Retrieve lost or fractured soul parts as a result of trauma

  • Remove negative entities, attachments and parasites

  • Clear ancestral trauma and cycles

  • Re-connect with your own essence and energy

  • Find inner peace, wellbeing and balance within your life

  • Find purpose and meaning and how to follow your dharma

  • Become the best version of yourself


Priestess Codes Readings

Investment £222

1 X 75 minute Priestess codes reading

This an online session conducted via zoom. A recording of the reading will be sent via email following the call.

During these sessions we’re able to explore your soul’s birth chart, galactic origins and history before you came to Earth and journey through the cosmos. The map and blueprint you were provided at your time of birth has all the answers you are looking for when it comes to your growth and transformation. It can be deeply comforting and illuminating to discover your soul’s connection to different star systems, connections to your galactic family and ancestors and how that’s connected to challenges you are meant to overcome in this life, your multi-dimensional gifts and your soul mission.

This reading is perfect if

  • You feel deeply called to be in service to the sacred feminine energies 

  • You feel a deep resonance with some of the more esoteric archetypes such as the Priestess, Medicine women and Seer

  • You can feel your gifts coming online but are scared to express them 

  • You need guidance on how to use your gifts 

  • You know you are meant to be in service but feel deep fear around being seen and stepping into your gifts 

  • You want to remember your most raw and powerful feminine essence 

  • You are seeking your divine mission to be in service 

  • You want to understand and work with your soul blueprint and astrology chart 

  • You want to uncover your souls gifts across multiple lifetimes 

  • You wish to create inner union through balancing your masculine and feminine energies 

  • You are ready to step up and into your authentic expression

  • You seek deeper meaning and purpose 

  • You want to clear or work through blocks that are holding you back

  • You feel a deeper calling but you don't know what it is

  • You want to be a leader of light but don't know where to start

  • You want to live a soul led life but don't know how

  • You can feel things shifting in your life and need support in seeing the lessons that are occurring

  • You need support in identifying and clearing self limiting beliefs and thought patterns 

  • You want a deeper sense of embodiment and truth

  • You wish to become an active participant in your growth and transformation 

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93% Stardust 

We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins 

carbon in our souls and nitrogen in our brains.

93% stardust, with souls made of flames 

We are all just stars that have people names. 

Nakita Gill

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