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Are you ready to become the embodiment of your feminine expression



A Call for the Feminine 

For many years the energies of the Masculine and Feminine have been out of balance and distorted. We have largely lived in a world that has honoured the the need to be striving, achieving and doing. And whilst this energy is needed, without both we can end up starved of love and connection, hindering our life force energy and pleasure. 

Inner Magnetism 


As women it is our birth right to be fully connected to our hearts and wombs, this is the true gift of the feminine spirit. To be a channel for love and compassion and to support those around us to live life fully expressing our creative energy. Our inner light beams out to the world, showing others how to live from an open heart, to trust the flow of our existence by using the cycles and seasons of nature and the moon as our biggest teacher. 


Portals of Transformation

As Mamma Pacha goes through stages of evolution, we too journey through rites of passage as women. Birth, menstruation, childbirth, menopause and death are all stages of a women's life that have been celebrated throughout many cultures and traditions. Our ancestors knew the potency of the feminine and masculine energies working together in unison to provide balance and harmony and women were seen as the sacred space holders for their families and communities. As many of us embody more masculine energies due to lifestyle and learnt behaviour there can be a deeper longing for something more, that there is a piece missing and that something somewhere just doesn't seem quite right.

Your Body as the Temple 

The most alive expression of the feminine is through they body, so much of what we see, experience and feel lies within our physical vessel. As intuitive beings our superpower is our sixth sense and sense of knowing. When we allow ourselves to be fully receptive and open to love, we process all we are experiencing through the heart rather than the mind. Rather than coming from a place of logic we make decisions from a place of feeling. We trust the flow of our lives and see the higher wisdom in all our experiences. We choose faith over fear and learn to move with the sacred waters of life.

 Sadly many of us as women are hugely disconnected to the body, society teaches us to focus on exterior beauty for validation and happiness. But there is a deeper connection found within, one that promises a deeper level of faith and connection to ourselves.  Once we really commit to getting to know ourselves on a deeper level, an unshakeable bond and desire to step into our gifts emerges. 


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I will be forever grateful  to Sarah after working with her for 12 months. After years of avoidance, distraction and depression, i found myself desperately searching for ways to cope and ultimately heal from a lifetime (or should i say lifetimes) of confusion. Fate decided my course when I cam across Sarah. I had finally found someone who held a safe space, offering unconditional love and support. She was able to guide me through the uncomfortableness, creating a safe space to open up and face myself for the first time. Sarah has helped me to find a deep sense of peace and provided me with the tools i need to support myself and my souls journey everyday  

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WOW! What a journey I have been on these last few months working with Sarah. It's been an amazing and insightful experience. Sarah is such a gifted healer and this session was profound for me in so many ways. For the first time in years I feel i have started to integrate my messages as Sarah described the amazing journey my soul had been on. It was emotional to learn so much about my soul in such a short space of time. I feel already that this deep and ancient wisdom Sarah retrieved is having a great impact on my life. This information empowers you to life your life in such alignment and truth. It's absolutely fascinating! Thank you Sarah for re-connecting me to my truth. 

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If you are on a path of self discovery I would highly recommend you are guided to Sarah's work. She is an excellent and intuitive healer with true wisdom. And compassion for the human condition is at the heart of everything she does. I felt safe throughout the entire process and received so much information which I refer back to often. I have guidance on how to use the information and integrate it into my life. As a holistic student practionar I have found the guidance on my life purpose invaluable. 

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Ways to work with the Feminine 

In this section you will find a number of ways you can begin to explore the inner connection to your own feminine essence.

From monthly women's circles to in person containers and retreats. There are many places to start the journey of remembering your feminine gifts and nature. And if you'd prefer to work with me face to face, check out the Feminine mentorship and readings I offer. 

May you find something that ignites your heart and womb, and for you to step onto the path of remembering. 


Shrinking in a corner, pressed into the wall. Do they know I'm present, am i here at all. 

Is there a written rulebook, that tells you how to be, all the right things to talk about, that everyone has but me. 

Slowly I am withering, a flower deprived of sun, longing to belong to somewhere or someone.  

Poem by Lang Leau 

You are not here to be a wallflower, you are here to shine your light, to be the brightest and most expansive version of yourself possible! It's time for you to remember who you are. 

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