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 ​Healing work is intuitively guided and tailored to your individual needs and could therefore incorporate a range of different approaches


Healing work can range from using the the akashic records, womb healing, Shamanic healing techniques, energy work and light code transmissions. A range of modalities are used to find the most potent way to move forward for you. 


Whether it's a relaxing energy healing session, womb healing or deeper quantum healing there is something for everyone to begin to embark on their own healing journey.

Healing sessions can be carried out online via zoom or F2F.

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The choice of welcoming this into my own life was a huge turning point on my spiritual path, as it completely transformed and continues to transform my life. Working with the Usui lineage and traditions is an absolute privilege as this work is sacred, teaching us to remember the inner healer that resides within us all, and the infinite possibilities our body has to heal.

Sarah Davis, School of Forgotten Wisdom

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